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Re: And next time...

MrScorpio wrote:

Bill Thoo wrote:

Civil behaviour is lacking in the challenge forums. It is absolutely correct to DM someone before attacking them publicly. There is something pathologically absurd with Tasad’s obsessiveness that is quite disturbing. I also find cowardice in those that hide bravely behind digital personas.

Absolutely agree

Any decent person would contact people directly and privately before dragging them around in public. A self appointed Judge with the self given right to drag peoples names into the dirt publicly before even giving them a chance to respond seems totally sick in my view.

I personally find it very disturbing.

As you will have seen Marcus, the little gang on here takes cheating on the DPR challenges VERY seriously. To them it is so serious that any measures they take to stop it are reasonable and they will join forces behind Tasad to resist anyone who does not agree. It's all a bit cult-like.

I have argued with them previously after one declared a cheater to be a sociopath. Several others joined in and argued vehemently that evidence of cheating in DPR challenges is absolutely sufficient grounds for an Internet-diagnosis of sociopathy and that anyone who would cheat in this way would necessarily have no morals whatsoever.

Look, I disagree with cheating and I do get some enjoyment from reading the results of Tasad's investigations, but it's all relative. Maybe it's my background in criminology and psychology that leaves me seeing illicit and anti-social behaviours as sitting along a continuum of seriousness. Placing cheating in DPR challenges in the same category as something like serial murder does not seem to me particularly useful or healthy.

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