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tasad wrote:

Decisive Comment wrote:

2-3 years ago there was an accusation of cheating -- I don't remember if it was about falsified metadata or stolen image or whatever -- the "cheater" was crucified in a thread in this forum but after some time it was proven that the accusation was wrong, and tasad corrected his mistake in the same thread. At the time I was going to suggest that tasad create a separate apology post. If one feels so compelled to start a thread to publicly out cheaters in totally meaningless/worthless challenges, then it'd be fair to start a thread to equally publicly admit the mistake and apologize. If I were the one who was accused, I would be offended if the mistake was simply a "nevermind, my bad" comment in the original accusation thread that smeared me.

Looks like you're talking about this thread :

... about this entry :

... DigitalTed posted these negatives :

Yes, that is the thread.

... as the proof , that the challenge entry was taken with Ilford and Hasselblad film camera. The negatives show very similar but different shots with a different cat and a different tripod. But I believed him that the picture was taken with the B&W Ilford - even if the picture was posted before as the color picture taken with digital camera. So , I had no problem to say : sorry...

That wasn't my point and I think you know it wasn't. Once again: if you are fine with dedicating a thread to accuse someone of cheating, then dedicate a thread to apologize for making a mistake. Adding a "whoops, sorry" to the accusation thread seemed to me at the time a little sheepish.

17 likes for the accusation, 4 likes for the apology and other than jetals' response, chirp chirp.... crickets from the regulars.

I get that the challenges have a lot of 'fair play' issues, I was a host in the early times of the challenges. I admire you for exposing cheaters but also think your process could use sending an initial PM to the accused, even if 99% of the time your assumption is proven correct.

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