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Re: Thanks but not everything has been answered about EF and the R5/R6

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Thanks to all of you who have answered the OT's and my questions about the new RF cams and IBIS with EF lenses, but not everything has been answered about EF and the R5/R6.

My additional questions revolve mostly around this: do the EF lenses, using the new Dual Pixel 2 and Digic X, plus improved algorithms with deep learning in the R5 and R6, auto focus as quickly, as accurately and specifically (eye, head body, animal, etc.), and with the same much improved stickiness - despite movement and foreground/background clutter and greater subject distance - as their new RF cousins? And if they don't, just how much less well do they perform? Half as much better? 25%? Almost as much? Not at all? Are the new camera mounts, in-lens circuitry and drives in the RF lenses necessary for communications that enable these things at all or do a lot of these better focusing behaviors still accrue to the EF lenses anyway? I think these questions are even more important than those questions about IBIS.

Thanks in advance to anyone here who has some real answers and can let the rest of us know.

This was posted in another thread by some kind person. Go to 1:48:00 and you'll find the answer you want... but basically yes, AF works just as well on EF as it does RF according to Canon.


WOW! Stevvi you are absolutely right that is one great quote and video in that link at https://www.bhphotovideo.com/explora/canon-eos-r5-and-r6?s=2#paragraph-20701

I love at 1:48 where Rudy from Canon says EF and RF lenses will work with RF and EF equally well!! He says IBIS will work better with the RF lens than EF due to the better communications bus but IBIS still improve EF lenses but not to the same level as IBIS improves RF lenses. Rudy seems very straight forward in his statement but he gives no data about specific lenses and details.

This is video with Rudy is full of answers and I am going to play it couple of times for everything he said to sink in. Rudy is full of bold and clear statements.

Rudy was on fire and on a roll so they extended the session a half hour more than planned to drain Rudy of all his opinions. The presenters are Canon biased and some are Canon employees but I still like hearing all of their pitches for how great the cameras are as they give many technical specifics are are interesting to think about. It is really a great video that on first viewing skipped many of the parts not knowing the gems it offers and what I missed the first time. I will go thorough the entire video a few times since there are many good parts especially the parts including Rudy.

Stevvi. Thank you again for posting and sharing this video.

I haven't viewed it all myself yet but I think it may well answer quite a few questions. As said, I got the link from another post on this forum so no thanks is due to me!

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