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mmarian wrote:

Do not get me wrong, your photos are very beutiful, as the subject was beautiful indeed. And they are perfectly fine for online posting and perhaps even printing to certain size. Majority of people will have nice complimentary comments, no doubt and that is... But no matter how many MP and what trickery DJI can muster the fact remains that 1/2" sensor can only do so much even if it has 48MP at its disposal.

Agreed. There is software and then there is hardware. Software, no matter how clever (and smartphones have shown us just how clever software can be) will never ever replace hardware. A smaller sensor will never give the performance of a larger sensor. Period.

I don't mean to be disrespectful but the color blotching on the hillside and the lack of definition of the blacked-out trees is atrocious... it shows front and center that the MA2 is a 12-ish MP sensor using a lot of software to create a "48mp" image. It seems to me that you would've been far better off not using the interpolated high MP processing.

I have many cameras of all different stripes. I adore my Sony RX10iv with it's 1"-type sensor (actually more for it's Sony/Zeiss 24-600mm F/2.4-4 lens) but it can't hold a candle to the full-frame sensor of my A7iii or Leica SL. I adore my Leica X Vario and it's 16mp APS-C sensor but neither it nor my RX10ix can hold a candle to my A7iii in low light, high ISO performance... and it's not even close. I adore my Fuji X100S but even with tech more advanced than my X Vario, it's fixed lens can't match the X Vario's Vario Elmar 28-70mm at the same focal length in good light. Software can pull off amazing tricks but it can't make its own hardware anything other than what it is.

The MA2 is a feat of software awesomeness... but it's still a 1/2 sensor. There's a reason it cost less than half what a M2P cost. Sorry, but it's true.

To think that the software interpolated "48mp" on the MA2 is anything close to a real 48MP of a full frame camera is just delusion. The MA2 is a flying cell phone camera; the M2P is a flying Sony RX100/RX10... It only takes a few minutes of pixel peeping to see a dramatic difference.


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