I blame Olympus..... and you Olympus owners too -

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Max Iso
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I blame Olympus..... and you Olympus owners too -

So what do i mean by that. I've been spending a lot of time lately looking up info on a few cameras, planning to buy something in the near future. I've been really torn as of late between the EM1.2 and the Fuji XT30, and the M6II is also in there as i already own an M50 and 3 canon lenses.

I've owned many MFT bodies in the past, i actually still have 3 lenses including the Oly 45 1.8 which is a great tiny lens. My last MFT buy was a G9, and i almost bought the EM1.2 instead but eventually chose the Panasonic. Since i sold my G9 they added the FW2.0 which included nifty things like highlight metering (which i really like the idea of), and the only other brands that offer that AFAIK are a few Sony bodies and a couple Nikons.

Nope, the EM1.2 does too, and i assume the mark 3 and the X. Why the heck have i never heard that before? It even has shadow metering..... shadow metering?? Who does that, i mean seriously, these are really unique and interesting features and i've not once heard anybody here mention them, nor seen any listed in an Oly advert.

I only found out about the metering stuff (and a few other easter eggs) in ONE video, the review by Martin Heilbron, one of my favorite reviewers. I've owned 6 MFT bodies over a 5 year period and not once heard mention of many great features Olympus offers, there's just not a lot of people talking about these more obscure features.

Since i owned my G9 i have advised quite a few people to get one, knowing what i know now i would recommend the EM1.2 over the G9 without a second thought (they are of similar price and often compared). I've owned an EM1.1 so maybe im guilty too but damn it, maybe if Oly owners spent more time bragging about the tech, maybe they would be in a different place?

No matter, there are a slew of EM1.2 bodies for well under $800 used and no other camera of any brand/format offers the same feature set for that price.

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