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It might happen one day...But at this point in time we can only dream about that. And since we are allowed to, I wished Mavic had a FF sensor camera🙂

When can we expect the Mavic Pro 3 ? I’m about to step into drone photgraphy besides shooting with my sony a7r3 for landscapes, An improved hasselblad sensor on the next generation would be nice.

My comment was made as a joke. I have no doubt the the MavicPro3 will be better then 2 if there will be a 3 at all...Hasselblad uses Sony sensors in their cameras so it is likely that the 3 will also have Sony sensor inside, whatever type or size. I personally doubt that it will be bigger then 1" type due to lens size and weight necessary for larger sensors..As said many times before there are laws of physics and those restrict what's possible. If you shoot FF landscapes and want to get similar IQ with drone you need large drone like Inspire2 with x5s or x7. But that is not cheap or practical when traveling light. Exposure bracketing and blending in post can improve the DR when clever processing is applied and nice lanscape photos can be made under good light even with 1" sensor camera.

I normally shoot with a Fujifilm X-T3, and have recently added an MA2 to my shooting options. That gives me a ½" sensor with JPEG+RAW @ 48MP capability. Add to that the ability to shoot 4K 60fps video and ultra Slo-Mo at 120 & 240 fps.

The ½" sensor in the Mavic Air 2 does a reasonable job, even in questionable light.

MA2 48MB processed from RAW (DNG)

...and a 180º pano shot at the same time.

MA2 180º pano

So dollar for dollar, at $799, or $988 for the "Fly More" package, I would say that today your best value in a camera drone is the Mavic Air 2.

...and then consider that the Mavic 2 Pro is twice the price.

Do not get me wrong, your photos are very beutiful, as the subject was beautiful indeed. And they are perfectly fine for online posting and perhaps even printing to certain size. Majority of people will have nice complimentary comments, no doubt and that is perfectly ok too. As a photographer though I can see a lots of color noise in the shadows and detail smearing, blotches of color instead of details in some areas etc etc And I understand that to majority of people it will be ok . But no matter how many MP and what trickery DJI can muster the fact remains that 1/2" sensor can only do so much even if it has 48MP at its disposal. The OP asked question about what's best drone for best IQ, so various opinion will be no doubt valuable to him. But we should not loose perspective and inform him truthfully of the facts. At the end of the day only he can decide what's right or acceptable or reasonable for him and I wish him my best when making that decision.

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