Price on R6 (Australia) - wow !!!

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Re: Price on R6 (Australia) - wow !!!

hunk wrote:

Maxxum Fan wrote:

Mirrorless is expensive that's why lotta dudes stick with DSLR ;-D

Being serious now you get a lot more bang per buck

Scary thing is dudes said MILC are cheaper to make and will cost less at one time, boy they sure were wrong on that one!

The R has the exact same image quality as the GREAT 5DmkIV. Some things on the R are better, some thing on the 5D are better. But the MILC is a lot cheaper.
(but yeah, I bought the5R with wft-R10 grip and two cards for € 7000,- so I feel pain)

The R is not a mirrorless equivalent of the 5D iv though - they share a sensor, but that is really where the similarities end, so not in the same "class". Like comparing a 90D with 7D ii - both are "higher end" APS-C and very capable, but the 90D lacks a lot of things that the 7D ii has

Either R5 or R6 is closer to 5D iv than R is, and both are more costly than 5D iv.


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