What camera could IM022 be?

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Re: Correction on product codes

ristar wrote:

IM011 - FL700R

IM012 - FC-WR (wireless flash controller)

IM013 - FR-WR (wireless flash receiver)


IM016 - E-M5 Mark III (source: user manual)

IM017 - unknown

IM018 - Unreleased lens, possibly 150-400mm f/4.5 (sources: https://twitter.com/nokishita_c/status/1198006762713964545?lang=en and https://www.43rumors.com/olympus-registered-a-new-lens-with-code-im018-likely-to-be-the-new-150-400mm-pro-lens/ )

IM019 - E-M1 Mark III (source: user manual)

IM020 - unknown

IM021 - Is an unreleased camera (sources: https://sertifikasi.postel.go.id/sertifikat/index?key=models&value=olympus&isberlaku=1 and https://www.43rumors.com/olympus-has-just-regisered-a-new-camera-model-today/).

IM022 - Is an unreleased lens (source: https://twitter.com/nokishita_c/status/1273732791558004736?lang=en).

Nokishita seems to be a pretty reliable source of info, though I'm not sure which Russian website he gets his info from. It's curious that no one has spotted IM017 and IM020 yet. I included IM011 to IM013 to show that they don't have to be cameras or lenses, but my guess is they are, considering we have 4 lenses on the roadmap, announced/revealed in this order:

  1. 150-400mm F/4.5
  2. 100-400mm F/5.0-6.3
  3. 8-25mm F/4.0
  4. Macro Lens (probably 100mm)

Back to IM022, the unknown camera. That's a good question. I'm hoping it's a Pen-F Mark II with weather sealing and C-AF from the E-M1 series, but I highly doubt it. It's much more likely to be the E-M10 Mark IV or perhaps the E-PL10.

Thanks for filling some of the gaps.

I'm hoping it's a camera too, but that comes full circle, what could it be.

It could be E-PL11, that gets a near annual refresh where almost nothing changes.

E-PL11 with a 20MP sensor would look bad for E-M10.

E-M10 with a 20MP sensor would encroach into the E-M5 market and E-M10 IV with a 16MP sensor would simply be an E-M10 III with fresh make-up, unless they somehow squeezed the older E-M5 II hires mode in there. That might just work.

I can't see how the PEN-F can get full weather sealing in the current design, but maybe some better splash proof sealing. And I can't see it handling the power for needed for Hand Held Hires or Pro Capture. Maybe it can get Live ND, but if so probably tripod only. And it could get the Hybrid AF sensor and faster processor.

So what are the chances?:

  • E-PL11 - 60%
  • Pen-F - 23%
  • EM10 IV - 15%
  • PEN 6 - 2%
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