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There is a lot of public discussion about the failure of the federal government but its no excuse for what happens on a local level. There aren't enough federal employees to stop 100 million people from being stupid.

There has always been enough public information for us to know we need to wear masks since it was recognized what happened in Washington State in February. We knew that in March. It was known all over America. I heard from friends in every corner of the country who called to ask about it.

The guy who is failing you is your next-door neighbor if he isn't wearing a mask. If he's like the people you saw recently in Southern Oregon. Every American has known since March we need to wear masks. The federal government can not force 300 million people to do it any more than they can stop you from having a drink, and please do if you enjoy it. You are a big boy capable of accepting the consequences and having a drink doesn't endanger anybody but you. Some people won't wear a mask. Some of them will get sick and will blame the federal government, say they should have fixed this in February. They could not.

What's the excuse now? You can't fix stupid any more than you can herd cats.

I was invited to bring a car to a car show in rural Washington today. Nice little town, very scenic, foothills of Mt Saint Helens. I declined. The invitation came with a disclosure "Some people will not be wearing masks." Translation: If you get sick and die don't sue us.

The friend who forwarded the invitation did not wear a mask last time I saw him. He knows better. We discussed it. His wife is highly vulnerable. She was cured of life-threatening cancer last year. I don't know if they went. He said she would be going with him. I declined. He wants to visit and play with cars. I have endless excuses to prevent it.

This is the problem. Your neighbor, not the government.

You probably remember the outbreak in the nursing home in Kirkland. I live 2 miles from it. The incompetent, irresponsible staff mismanaged it. The home was fined $600,000 for irresponsibility.

This at the time when our idiot Governor said "Nothing to worry about. I'd take my granddaughter there." The following month he said "LOCKDOWN" and he blamed it all on Trump.

At the time, the president's team said wear a mask. The CDC (center for disease control) said "Don't wear a mask, save them for healthcare workers" - the latter comment in fine print.

Should the White House have sent somebody to the Kirkland nursing home to manage it when they didn't even know for sure what it was, where it came from, how it spread? It's July and we haven't figured this out yet. Or should they see if the nursing home management and the local officials could manage it? They said they could. I'm sure the locals would have been happy to have a visit from Washington to give them someone to blame for their incompetence. 50 people in the home were already dead.

By then we already had 250,000 visits from China where they were already dealing with this disease since November that we know if. They hid the problem after some of their healthcare workers already died from it while privately trying to get the word out when the Chinese government was trying to prevent it.

At the time Wuhuan was quarantined, and entire city of 11 million people. No way an American federal government could do that. At the time when nobody could travel from Wuhan to anywhere in China, they were free to get on an airplane and fly anywhere in the world, and they did in great numbers. The Chinese government exported the disease, turning a local problem into an international pandemic, the worst in 100 years. They did this while denying the problem and saying they had it under control. How is quarantining a city of 11 million people and forcing its population to stay home 24/7 for weeks under control? The WHO went along with the deception. I'd defund them too.

Look at the map and see the worst outbreaks began in American cities with international airports with flights to China. We traced the Washington outbreak back to a Chinese citizen living in Washington returning from a visit with his family in Wuhan. Look no further for blame.

All levels, all people in all parties in American politics are trying to save American lives. In the confusion and disagreement of the healthcare industry of a new disease and how to fight it, it could have been done better - maybe. I can't see how it could be stopped with 250,000 visits from China. It was already here. Yet when the President wanted to ban visits from China from people of all races, they called him a racist. I've heard people offering the example of Europe of how to handle it. No travel ban there? Americans may not be able to go there. European governments need to protect their citizens. Why is it so many Americans chastise the American government for doing the same thing? And at the same time hold up Europe as an example of how to do it.

After stealing the technology and manipulating the value of their currency to unfairly gobble large swaths of the world economy over several decades, make third world countries subservient to them with belt and road loans, and brazenly publicly declare a plan to dominate the most important industries worldwide, they now export one of the most dangerous diseases. Look no further for blame. We are dealing with what we forgot them to be. The Chinese Communist Government. People with a historical record willing to kill tens and hundreds of millions of people to stay in power. The people who hollowed out our manufacturing industries. They don't care if you die, Rich. ALL American government people on all levels do. And they pick up the tab for healthcare if we can't afford it. Will the Chinese government pay for the death and economic destruction they exported? Not a chance. They don't even admit it.

Our business partners in globalization. World wide purveyors of unemployment and underemployment. The benefit to us? Cheap TVs.

I want to go back to the 1980's. I'll pay more if I can find something made in America. I do. I can be very happy with less "stuff". I can't take it with me and I want a good life before I go.

A country of 50 million unemployed people is more dangerous, will kill more people than any disease, more people from Covid-19 included. It's your social unrest nightmare.

The treasury cannot support an economy with massive unemployment with infinite borrowing indefinitely. Before this is over we could be paying $500 Billion a year on $30 Trillion in federal debt. 25% of Federal tax receipts. That's interest money that WON'T go into social programs, education, infrastructure rebuilding. Find the worst road in California, go LAX, JFK, La Guardia and see what that means. Compare with Singapore.

Raise taxes? On unemployed or underemployed people? They pay no taxes. On rich people? They will stop spending and investing. That will hurt all the people they buy products and services from. On corporations? Make them less competitive? Make them again the highest taxed corporations in the world? That will help nobody but foreign competitors. Taxes do not help an economy. They drain it. It's worse than taking water from the deep end putting it in the shallow end. The pool levels itself anyway. Taking water out of the pool hurts all swimmers. The way to fix this is put more water in the pool and get more people swimming.

The campaign rhetoric sounds good. Its a competition to see who can buy the most votes by punishing success which only discourages it and all the good things that come from it and rewarding mediocracy. When they get into office they won't be able to do it. They know it now. It's a competition to sucker the voters.

The only way out of this is #1 Wear a mask. I'm getting used to it. I keep one in the car to make sure I don't forget it. And #2 open the businesses again and get the economy going.

If they don't wear a mask and they die, I don't care. Improves the gene pool.

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