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Re: And next time...

Bill Thoo wrote:

With due respect:

Civil behaviour is lacking in the challenge forums.

To expose uncivil, dishonest ,cheating behavior, abundant in DP Challenges is a duty. There is a “Complain” option (to me wrongly named) to denounce this behavior.

It is absolutely correct to DM someone before attacking them publicly.

Challenges are public and open to everyone and participants must be honest and play by the rules.

There is something pathologically absurd with Tasad’s obsessiveness that is quite disturbing.

There is something pathologically absurd with participants’ obsessiveness to win in a DP Challenge, at all cost and means available. The cheating that has being exposed and going on for years now are much more disturbing.

I also find cowardice in those that hide bravely behind digital

You mean the cheaters entitled, must have it, pathological a🤬les.

I find this post offensive and, I am sure, it is offensive to many participants here in the Forum and Challenges.

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