Nikon 120-300MM F/2.8 Zoom Lens

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Re: Nikon 120-300MM F/2.8 Zoom Lens

LensWizard wrote:

The day the woman stepped on my my 200 f2 lens hood the camera was close to my feet sitting like your photo above. (lens hood on the camera) I suppose I'm lucky I didn't have one of my 2 pound puppies beside my feet when this person walked past me.  How the HECK can someone NOT look where they are going when there are little puppies walking around?  How can they step on a lens as large as the 200 f2 while it has that HUGE lens hood on it while attached to the camera?  How?

"I am thinking its possible that Nikon could come out with a 200 f/1.8 FL and a 300mm F/2 FL.."

I wonder how useful a 300 f2 would be these days?  The bokeh from a 300 2.8 is already pretty great.  I guess one advantage would be a stop more light for evening sports games ...

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