So...What's wrong with the R5?

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Re: So...What's wrong with the R5?

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With your input, you'll will help me and maybe others with purchasing decisions. Thanks in advance.

Looks like per Canon's own spec sheet, there are major overheating issues with cool off times and re-record restrictions in 8K and 4K modes, which would significantly reduce the video usefulness for serious videographers.

Can you post a link to that info?

Here you go:

"SeRiOuS overheating issues", really? A tiny, weather sealed DSLR has overheat issues?

Did all of these hybrid shooters fail high school physics or something? GET A CINEMA CAMERA for "SeRiOuS" cinematography.

I don't recall spielberg, Scorsese or Lucas beating up on wind up bolex cameras because of their run time. They used PROFESIONAL CINEMA cameras too, along with a cinematographer and AC. I mean really, these you tubers and hybrid shooters who blow a mercedes on just a RED body and have to massage the beast just to get a proprietary codec image out the other end are really something.

What I stated is factual. The R5 has serious overheating and cool off issues by Canon's own admission. As such, its video modes are significantly less useful than meets the eye.

Also, drop the patronizing attitude. It's rude and unhelpful.

That hasn't prevented tens of thousands or more from creating videos with Panasonic, Sony, Nikon, Fuji, Sigma, Leica, Olympus and others. Of course, 8K and high frame rates are going to eat up battery life faster! Some were only expecting five or ten minutes. This is a full frame, weather sealed 8K RAW internal shooting beast that weighs a full one pound less than the S1H.

I didn't deny anything you said, although there is a lot of rationalizations in your statements which are irrelevent. I'm not bashing Canon or praising other manufacturers. I simply don't care, whoever makes a better camera, the consumer wins.

But factually, this camera is not as useful and reliable as something like a GH5, which is what most of us were hoping for.

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