Anyone else going to wait for 5D Mark V

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Re: Wait for 5D5 — count me in

RogerZoul wrote:

Mika Y. wrote:

RogerZoul wrote:

Your bullet #4 is just incorrect. What you see in the r5 was perfected in the 1DX3 and it actually an iteration beyond that camera since it now gives you coverage 100% in both directions. The r5 and r6 are fully mature cameras as much as the 5D4 was and will ever be. I certainly am not replacing my EF glass either, but Canon is not even trying to force

Isn't it a bit early to state this, until there are reviews about the actual finished product rather than pre-release versions of the camera as well as experiences from actual end users like us?

I do personally think R5 and R6 are unlikely to have major quirks and are likely viable successors for the 5D and 6D series, but I wouldn't be completely surprised to find out there are some non-trivial issues/bugs that need to be addressed.

Bugs don't make a system not mature. Bugs are a fact of life. Given that the AF system in the r5/r6 is basically the same one in the 1Dx3, and that camera shoots like a demon, I feel confident in saying these are mature systems, as that is what Canon is best at. Let us not forget there is the R, the RP, and all of the M-series cameras with the latest one being the M6 mark 2 with a 32 MP sensor. Canon knows its game. Other than 8k video, there is little that is totally new in these bodies.

I did not say the R5 isn't mature. I did say IMHO there's at least one more iteration until the platform reaches "total maturity."

Many thought the 5D2 was as good as it gets. Yet, the 5D3 was more mature. And the 5D4 was astoundingly more mature. So, who is to say what lies ahead?

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