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Rich Z
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Re: Old Pictures

Thanks, Dave.  It is too bad, I have managed to keep forward looking even in old age.  That ability has been severely diminished now.  I still look forward to November, though.  I dearly hope to experience the joy of seeing a certain group of politicians get their arses handed to them.

My nieces were normal fun living (hell raising) children, alright.  Their parents and grandparents were greatly annoyed that they would  mind for me.  I didn't use temporarily effective methods like threats or bribery.  I just tickled them in the short ribs until they were compliant.

You're coming out of it and we are just getting deep into it.  What a way to prove how good or bad a government can be.  Most are not taking precautions here and government just won't force them.  I recently spun up a very dark yarn about the very near future when people wearing masks for safety were acting as vigilante law enforcement and were applying justice to those refusing to take precautions.  I worry that a descent into anarchy is not impossible.

I was recently prescribed a medication which forbids alcohol.  I asked the doctor, who likes a wee dram himself, if I could skip it for a day and have a gargle.  He said no.  Then, noticing my sad expression, he said, "You would have to skip it a day before and the day you drink."  I call that the second time he has saved my life.

Please be safe and stay well to keep your lum reeking for a very long time to come.  Rich

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