Nikon 120-300MM F/2.8 Zoom Lens

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Re: Nikon 120-300MM F/2.8 Zoom Lens

PerfectPoms wrote:

The 200 f2 is SO heavy for its size. I used to have fun handing it to unsuspecting people who walked by while I was taking photos of my puppies, and I loved how they were shocked at the weight of the thing.

But I'm STILL peeved at the (_+*(& twit who was walking past me one day, and she was looking at my puppies and not watching where she was stepping, and she stepped on the hood of my 200 f2 that was close to my feet. The (&*&)( &_)_*(^& *(&&() just kept walking without any apology or acknowledgement that she'd just bent the aluminum lens hood that costs around $600 American to replace. The lens hood alone on that rare beast costs more than many entire decent lenses.

I never did manage to completely bend that hood 100% back into round before I sold the lens. (I miss it - but I found the 70-200 e fl much more versatile.)

SWEET picture for sure..Surely I would have been PO'd if that happen to me. Well next time I bet you don't take shade off and let it sit like that...  I am thinking its possible that Nikon could come out with a 200 f/1.8 FL and a 300mm F/2 FL.. 300 FL F/2 could set you back about 15k or more you think..? I would buy a nitch lens like that for sure...

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