So...What's wrong with the R5?

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Re: Rolling Shutter

RDM5546 wrote:

jonpais wrote:

Once YouTubers and a couple of websites get hold of the R5, the next thing i guarantee they'll be going hysterical over is rolling shutter, mark my word.

Rolling shutter artifacts shooting electronic fast action stills without the mechanical curtain is a concern of mine.

I am always reluctant to shoot silent in action shots from the fear of rolling shutter effects ruining the shots. The Sony A9 seems to do decent job suppressing rolling artifacts. I thought this was the fast electron readout of the A9 using BSI and stacked CMOS sensors like Sony said. (I bought this hook line and sinker but did not buy their camera because I too much invested in great "L" glass that I know and love). Sony guys said you could not do this incredible pixel readout speed with FSI image sensor chips.

Yet you claim rolling shutter greatness in the R5. I preordered an R5. If what you say true this would be icing on the R5 cake for me which is alread winner for low light operation, AF II and high res EVF. Jonpais? How can the FSI in R5 suppress rolling shutter junk like the A9 does?

On the contrary, it is expected that rolling shutter won’t win any awards.

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