R5 Question Regarding RF and EF Lenses

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Re: R5 Question Regarding RF and EF Lenses

TheDigitalDonbavand wrote:

rodriguezPhoto wrote:

In the Q&A at B&H yesterday Rudy Winston from Canon addressed it pretty clearly. It starts at about 49:30 into the video .

Thank you this is very clear. To save watching the video:

EF/EF-S lens without IS, the camera will let you choose whether to activate or inactivate the IBIS.

EF-EF-S lens with IS, the switch on the lens will turn on or off stabilisation. On will use lens IS and IBIS together, off turns them off (there is no option to turn lens IS on and IBIS off, they work together or not at all).

This is really exciting, always wanted my 40mm f2.8 to be stabilised. Less exciting is the price of the R5. Expect lots of older EF lenses prices to go up lol. Should have got an 85 1.8 when they were cheap...

I assume the Sigma ART lenses like the 35mm and 50mm with EF mount will work with IBIS too? The video is very convincing to me for working with my Canon EF and EF-S lenses both IS and not IS. Not all RF or EF glass works to 8 stops. My RF 24-240mm IS is described at 5 1/2 stops but without IBIS it was close to 5 stops. Wide angles are more affected by IBIS than long telephotos.

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