How do you cope with Reds in colour Anaglyphs, please?

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Re: How do you cope with Reds in colour Anaglyphs, please?

Thanks for your reply. I am interested to see the effects of ColorCode 3D specs. If it is a big improvement, might have to make the change, dish out CC 3D specs and rework my previous images!

Regarding color reproduction, ColorCode 3D are the best, the drawback is that glasses (filters) are darker than other 3D glasses, and anaglyphs need a proper "recipe" to be prepared. They are not just "Yellow-Blue" anaglyphs.

For clasic Red-Cyan anaglyphs to be viewed on monitor screens, Red-Blue Green filters are the best to reproduce ~red colors. But Red-blue Green glasses can be hard to find.
Some kind of plastic Red-Blue glasses are also very good, but may be possible to need to try several different products to find the good ones.
If you are realy interested in good 3D images and videos, forget about anaglyphs and invest in a good VR device. This is another world.
Wait for 600$ HP Reverb G2 !

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