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A few sentences od expanation .

I've opened this thread  after I read Bill's comment , that he  doesn't enforce rules he set and  that this forum has 'metadata police'.  Probably he was deeply hurt by my previous posts about his 3 challenges 'won' by cheaters...

Then in his comments ...https://www.dpreview.com/members/7544089494/comments ... he warned   members to 'don't be like Tasad , which means ( according to his comments) - a childish , idiotic 'policeman' who makes a fool  himself  by obsessively checking metadata in challenges , who bullies and abuses hosts by asking them to enforce rules they set , and who posts in this forum names of innocent cheaters.

He asked members who were 'bullied and harassed'  in challenges - to P.M. him ( probably to report me to DPR Admins).

And in the last (???) chapter of  the tragicomedy  , he asked members (his 'poll') - if they will cry when he will retire from his 'hosting'...

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