Anyone else going to wait for 5D Mark V

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Re: Wait for 5D5 — count me in

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Came close this morning to jumping on the 5R. Spent about an hour calculating sale price for my Mark III and a few lenses. Fortunately common sense eventually prevailed. I tried the RP and although a nice camera I just could not get used to the “small” form factor. I really like size and feel of a dslr. So patiently going to wait till 4th quarter and hope some announcement from Canon for a Mark V. Happy shooting everyone.

  • I am perfectly content with my 5D4 and would be in no rush to replace it.
  • I will wait for the 5D5 and possibly purchase it, but not until at least a year after its introduction and its first permanent price reduction.
  • My guess is that you'll have to wait a lot longer than Q4 2020 to see a 5D5. A debut in the fall of 2022 could be more likely. That means I wouldn't buy one until 2023 or 2024.
  • I will not buy an R5, because I believe the series has at least one more iteration to go before it reaches total maturity. That means possibly another two or three years down the road. I have no facts regarding this, only utter speculation and wild guesswork. Can you say "R5 Mark II?"
  • I'm not replacing my EF glass, so I don't really see much of a benefit in going to a smaller body, other than the higher MP resolution.

Your bullet #4 is just incorrect. What you see in the r5 was perfected in the 1DX3 and it actually an iteration beyond that camera since it now gives you coverage 100% in both directions. The r5 and r6 are fully mature cameras as much as the 5D4 was and will ever be. I certainly am not replacing my EF glass either, but Canon is not even trying to force that on us. If you add the grip to the r5/r6, it will be close enough in size to the 5D4 that there is just no missing it. I see the higher resolution, the higher fps, the eye and face tracking for animals and people to be huge benefits over what all the DSLRs have now. IBIS will make video through the VF a real thing. It is just miles ahead and DSLRs are practically dead. While have said many times that I would love to see a 7D3 show up, I am now doubting that will happen because Canon will soon be leading the market in the ML area and there will be little reason to keep in making DSLRs since they are so far behind ML in capability.

Yep, not disagreeing with anything you've said. My 5D4 is a great camera and will serve me for years to come. Fortunately, I have the luxury of not needing to upgrade, so I can sit by and watch and wait and watch and wait. The 5R's 47MP is the only feature I'd like to have. And I'm certainly not ready to relegate OVF to the scrap heap of history. YMMV.

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