Anyone else going to wait for 5D Mark V

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Re: I don't think there will be a 5DV

RogerZoul wrote:

TheBlackGrouse wrote:

Maverick07 wrote:

I am waiting for the 5D5 as well. Until it is released I will stay with my D3. If it does not come, oh well Canon will have lost a customer. Not opposed to change, rather do not appreciate being forced to a new platform.

Well said, being a birder means looking through binos for hours. being a bird photographer means looking through the viewfinder for hours.

Looking through binos and spotting scopes for long periods is already extremely tiring. The last thing we want is an EVF and get a headache.

Sports photographers must have the same experience as they are also waiting for that rare moment.

These two customer groups are not opposed to change, they don't want a new tool that is a step backwards.

Come now, don't look through a VF for hours, you may be out there for hours, but must of it won't be spent looking through a VF. The very act of looking though one for hours will give you a headache, no matter if it is optical or electronic. And the 120 Hz refresh rate should help those who do get headaches from a EVF.

Many days I do, especially when in more static positions where the camera is the only tool you use. Then, you wait for the birds, pick them up with the OVF and follow them constantly. Often, I even use manual focus because BBF and IS cost too much battery life.

Sounds crazy? Think about shooting sports, try a soccer game.

Yes, on a hiking day (hiking first, shooting second) the OVF time is much less. But my point is that there are user groups that simply need an OVF. That said, we may assume that the EVF will be good enough in a few years.

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