I don't get f11 for the 600mm prime?

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Re: I don't get f11 for the 600mm prime?

John Sheehy wrote:

Bhotoz wrote:

No you didn't say BIF. I said, because if I'm walking around with 100-400, I definately would like to shoot also BIF if possible. I still have Sigma 100-400, but soon I'll say bye bye to it... because it's good only for static targets.

It doesn't have the fastest AF motor, but it is not horrible, either. What is your range of experience? The issues you have may be due heavily to the backgrounds and how well your current camera handles them.

My 400/4DO II is supposed to have excellent AF, but a camera body is only as intelligent as it is, and can miss a subject in front of a confusing background, as it often does with the 7D2 and a little more with the 90D when the subject is small and can fall between the auto-selected AF points, against a busy background. Newer, better AF can breath new life into the AF of lenses that seemed to be the main limiting factor with older bodies.

I've shot BIF with Sigma 100-400 on 5d3, 7d2 and R. I know it's not fair to compare zoom to EF 400mm 5.6L, but that old lens almost smokes the Sigma... I've now shot BIF also with R + Sigma 150-600C, and based on my experience, 150-600 has a bit better AF than 100-400. (And also based on my experience, R has better AF than 7d2.) I'm not saying Sigma 100-400's AF is horrible, it just isn't good enough for me. Cannot wait reviews how R5 + RF 100-500 behaves...

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