Canon 7D Mark II...what is the next logical upgrade

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Re: Canon 7D Mark II...what is the next logical upgrade

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I'll say it, it's the 7D3. Forget APS-C, in my opinion, Canon is now done with APS-C on it's primary range of cameras. .......

We have been hearing this for years, but APS-C continues to be popular.  At one time producing sensors was very difficult and expensive.  Being twice the size somehow meant a full frame sensor was geometrically more expensive and APS-C could save a lot of money.  That argument is now pretty much out of date.  Instead perhaps we should ask why full frame has continued on and not been cycled out as obsolete.

Camera sensors have gotten way better over the past years so is there any reason for a full frame sensor or is it just overkill for the vast majority of photographers?  Maybe the larger full frame sensor cameras are not geometrically more expensive, but the lenses are.  Check out the differences in prices between comparable lenses, such as the 10-22 versus the 16-35 or a 60 macro versus the equivalent FF 100 macro.  When it comes to telephoto the cost comparison reaches the absurd.  300 mm on a APS-C is equivalent to closer to 500 mm on FF.

Is it really necessary to pay for and lug around all that expensive, FF gear?  Certainly not if the final viewing will be online or from a magazine or other small print.

Jim, aka camperjim

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