Why has Canon included the 1.6x crop on R5?

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Re: Easy, so Canon can sell an APSC R7 @$1499 to compete against Fuji XT4

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I get you. One of the Big Advantage of filming with Sony A7 series is the ability to switch to a crop mode on the fly. A single focus length prime effectively become 2 lens. I think Canon is limiting it to sell us an APSC R7 @$1499 to compete against Fuji XT4.

With R6 price at relatively high $2500, I think there is a GAP assuming EOS-R will not get a replacement.

I switch to crop mode on the fly with my RP. Extra reach. Smaller file size. I can frame in camera the way I want. If I know I won’t be blowing up a picture from vacation beyond a collage in a photo album, why not crop? 10.1 megapixels is enough for 300 PPI on an 8x10.

I mapped it in my menu and mapped many access to my down key. Real quick switching now.

I crop during PP. Same difference I think

With a DSLR you may have a point, but on mirrorless crop mode will fill the entire EVF with the cropped picture, enlarging the subject and making framing and focusing easier.

As for cropping during PP, that's fine if you want to adjust the cropped frame one by one, but if you engage crop mode you're shooting with the center crop to begin with. So why bother inserting a manual step? The presence of a crop mode does not preclude you from doing everything manually to your liking, so I do not understand why you are so hostile to the concept.

I'm trying to work out where you think he's been hostile.

I understand the time saving in cropping in camera but, for me, I like the flexibility of having the larger file to play as it gives the option of alternative framing that I may not have seen at the time of shooting. I don't tend to use loads of the photos I shoot, but prefer to process just a few of the best. Each to their own

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