How do you cope with Reds in colour Anaglyphs, please?

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Re: How do you cope with Reds in colour Anaglyphs, please?

threed123 wrote:

What are you using to create your Anaglyphs?

Photoshop CS6. Switching off the Red channel in the RH image and Green+Cyan in the LH.

Stereomaker has a Dubois Anaglyph selection that mutes reds so other color stand out. I sometime post process through Paintshop Pro and reduce red in both left and right images (or boost other colors, especially yellow) from an MPO file and save each as a jpg and create an anaglyph from them in Stereomaker. If you seriously want the best Anaglyphs that retain the most color, then create yellow/blue Anaglyphs, however, you will need to get yellow/blue glasses of course. They can be purchased online.

From the above, I see you are dodging the plain Reds by reducing Red and shifting away. As long as I know that, I can follow. I have been playing with monochrome Anaglyphs for some months and am entirely happy with that but would now like to add colour but only if I can find a satisfactory way. My subjects are mostly architectural ruins and the limestone buildings are almost monochrome anyway. So there's little loss there.

I read about different colour pairs in spectacles but Red/Cyan are what my viewers have, and seem almost universally popular on Anaglyph web-sites. I'd like to stay with them for the larger audience.

I accept your technique and will pursue it. I have read and tried using methods involving CMYK and adjusting in Colour Channels but t gets too complex for me. See:-

I just enjoy the simple monochrome process in CS6 and the more complex colour techniques, when it comes to REDs, dampen my enthusiasm.

Attached are one normal monochrome plus one colour attempt (falling down on Reds).

Thank you for your advice.

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Cheers, Tony.

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