Diffraction determined by entrance pupil or exit pupil?

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Airy's Error

Joofa wrote:

Jack Hogan wrote:

Right, right, I got signs mixed up. Just mp*f.

In my understanding, in this scenario, just p*f. (m = 0.)

Yes, I was using the symbol for pupil magnification often seen in texts (mp), forgetting that here we are calling it p. However, I believe that we were both led astray by taking the stated pupil magnification of 0.666 for granted - so we came to incorrect conclusions about the positioning of the Exit Pupil.

For the example at hand, I believe that pupil magnification is not the 0.666 calculated by Brandon but in fact p = 2, which would place the exit pupil a distance 2f from the focal plane. With the notation used in this thread:

of course in our case with focus at infinity the paraxial marginal ray is parallel to the optical axis, so it hits the rear principal plane at De/2.

So much for a picture being worth 1000 words. Since this my very first ray trace, I would welcome validation.


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