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Personal View again predicts not so hot Oly future

Checked the origin of the prediction where Olympus would be now and found the latest update to be:

"October strong rumors

First step of liqudation firm during October will be closure of all remaining service and demo parts. As it is very nice way to reduce expenses (that had been already cut greadually in recent years, as service degraded outside Japan).

As soon as October Olympus can factually cease to repair their cameras (openly it will be said opposite, remember!).

All the parts for cameras bodies repair (bodies, sensor assembly, mainnboard) will be sold as metal, plastic and such to special firms.

It is not decided still considering lenses, they can hold until january and some repair firm can buy remaining parts stock, as well as some repair related equipment and few people."

Note that these are still rumors. But doesn't help that the very website that predicted where we are at last year's end got it right.

It also doesn't look too hot what's written because it sounds about right for a company interested in liquidating Olympus to get cash out, and Olympus (the company, not imaging) may get some cash back.

Ugh anyway. If this is remotely true we will see it soon enough - by October's end, beginning of November.

Any of you with repairs under warranty or need repairs, I would do them *now* if I were you.

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