RF 100-500 where are the doubters now?

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Re: Subpar performance from 250mm-400mm?

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Are you guys seriously arguing about 1/3 stop difference like it's the end of the world? In the past weekend I have been shooting with the great EF-S 55-250mm F/4-5.6 STM at f/7.1 because that's about the best performing aperture there. On APS-C body with higher base ISO. I didn't have problem even with cloudy weather on the mountains. Why is f/7.1 so bad?

Yep. I can sacrifice the 1/3 stop of light to get 100mm more reach in a lighter package.

You may not be getting more reach if the resolution is not there. You might get the same or a better shot with 400mm cropped.

If I'm reach limited with 400mm f5.6 / 30Mp, 500mm f7.1 / 30Mp makes more sense to me. I can use that 500mm lens also as 400mm f6.3 if needed, and 1/3 stop less light means nothing in real world. Or are you thinking RF 100-500 is optically worse, "resolution is not there"?

If the new lens does not resolve as much at 500mm as the old as 400mm, it might not offer any benefit, optically.

I am saying this because various Sigma and Tamron superzooms are a bit soft at the long end, so is a recent Nikon lens. I remember Bryan at TDP did a similar test but I cannot remember for which lens, and discovered that cropping and upsizing, when needed, could yield similar results if you have a sharp shorter lens. If you are gaining light, at least, a longer lens is worth it. But if you are not getting even that...

I use now Sigma 150-600C @f7.1 for birds/wildlife and I'm happy with the sharpness. But I'm not happy with its Jumping and weak IS / OS, this is the biggest reason I want to upgrade. Sure I'd like to have a bit smaller and lighter lens too. I think Canon RF 100-500 L-lens cannot do it worse with IS and IQ than Sigma 150-600, not to mention AF. 400mm is too short for me, my 400mm lenses (400 5.6L and Sigma 100-400C) are sitting on the shelf without job. I think RF 100-500 will be a good "compromize" for me thinking of performance and portability. We'll see.

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