Canon 7D Mark II...what is the next logical upgrade

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Re: Canon 7D Mark II...what is the next logical upgrade

Tannin wrote:


*Summary so far*

Street: doesn't matter, most anything will be fine.

Landscape: full frame, ideally with more pixels than your 7D II

Sport: SLR not mirrorless.

Looked at that way, we can see that there are only two good answers that tick all the boxes: the 5D IV, and the 5Ds / 5D sr. .......

Wrong, there is another choice with better resolution than the 5D iv.  The 90D has higher resolution, close to the same high ISO performance and dynamic range.  In addition for sport or other uses with a telephoto, there is a built in 1.5x magnification.  Performance for macro photography is superior.  Lenses cost about 1/3rd the amount of an equivalent full frame lens, are smaller and weigh less.  The 90D even has a higher burst rate, better battery life, weighs much less.  The 90D uses a digic 8 processor versus the digic 6 in the 5d iv.  The higher speed and capability help with improved noise reduction and overall in camera processing.  The 90D also has a swivel lcd screen and a built in flash which works great for fill light if nothing else.  The 90D also has bluetooth capability, the 5d iv doesn't.  The 90D uses an electronic shutter when silent shooting is preferred.

Sorry but the 5d iv is showing its age and now lags behind the 90D in most aspects.

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