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Re: Might as well ask "which religion is better"

Someone rightly said ‘it’s like asking which religion is better’.

years ago when I first bought my camera, e-commerce didn’t exist. Neither did DPReview. So I had to go to a camera shop and hold the cameras in my hand before buying.

i liked the ‘feel’ of Nikon in those days. It felt reassuring and solid. Canon felt a little plastic.

many years later when buying DSLRs, I again ‘held’ the cameras. Preferr d Nikon again. So did a couple of other people. Seems solid and reassuring.

not that canon don’t. They make excellent super solid cameras too. Buying into a camera is buying into thr system. You should also emotionally like the system. Today most manufacturers make excellent cameras.

You could consider a Nikon D850 or a Nikon Z7. Great thing about Z7 is it is (probably) still selling bundled with a Z-F mount adaptor. You have a choice of old F mount lenses or new Z mount ones. In the future when you upgrade to the new Zx, you would already have a good collection of lenses.

i love shopping around old camera stores for really old lenses for their feel. It’s nice to be able to use old lenses on new systems.

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