So...What's wrong with the R5?

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Re: So...What's wrong with the R5?

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With your input, you'll will help me and maybe others with purchasing decisions. Thanks in advance.

Looks like per Canon's own spec sheet, there are major overheating issues with cool off times and re-record restrictions in 8K and 4K modes, which would significantly reduce the video usefulness for serious videographers.

It is not going to be the camer for one take, long form bloggers, but most of youtube is short segments with jump cuts anyway and in the Cine world, 20 minutes without a cut is exceedingly rare.

If I'm going to spend $4000 of my hard earned money, that thing better work when I need it to. If that's all you have and it shuts down on you, then that's it. If I was a wedding photographer, I would never take that chance. I'll take the single card slot on the R any time over the overheating sensor.

I'm amazed that Canon would swing their big Nads about their awesome 8k and then..... oh by the way....

As someone pointed out up thread, there will be a compromise in a hybrid camera like this. To get proper heat syncing would sacrifice weather-sealing. Since the very few people who need 8K will shoot for hours without cuts, ISTM they made a reasonable compromise.

From my perspective, it has become the best compact B-Cam available and would make a great A-cam for a small budget videographer.

People here want everything for nothing. It is simply mental.

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