Canon 7D Mark II...what is the next logical upgrade

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Re: Canon 7D Mark II...what is the next logical upgrade

There is no certainty that there will not be a 7D III. It would be a shame to buy into something else, only to discover that your preferred option is now available.

That said, you do street, landscape, and sport. Let's think about that logically. For street it probably doesn't matter much what you use - it's all about the feel of the moment and the technicalities of the equipment are not really important.

For landscape, bigger sensors are better because they resolve more detail and have superior dynamic range, and higher pixel counts are better (again, more detail).

For sport, responsiveness and good AF performance are key. This suggests SLR rather than mirrorless. The latest (very expensive!) mirrorless models have probably more-or-less sorted out the AF problems the R has, but they certainly haven't yet come up with a viewfinder that works nearly as well as, for example,  the one in your 7D.

*Summary so far*

Street: doesn't matter, most anything will be fine.

Landscape: full frame, ideally with more pixels than your 7D II

Sport: SLR not mirrorless.

Looked at that way, we can see that there are only two good answers that tick all the boxes: the 5D IV, and the 5Ds / 5D sr. Of the two, I'd go for the 5D IV nearly every time. It has ample resolution for (almost) any use, and is a better, more well-rounded and versatile product than the 5Ds, with fewer quirks. Well, no quirks - it's an amazingly good camera. The only downside is that your current lenses may or may not be suitable, and if they aren't, you are looking at some serious expense.

Failing a 5D IV, you could look at a 90D. I'm not convinced by the 90D. Lovely sensor, but the body is a bit lack-lustre compared to the very high quality bodies you are used to. Stil, at least you could keep your lenses.

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