Don't Expect Much (or Anything) from Sony in APSC

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BrentSchumer wrote:

Sony doesn't want you to be happy with A-mount; they want you to switch to E-mount and buy in. Similarly, Sony doesn't put a third dial or fast card slots on the A6X00 cameras to encourage us to bump up to FE bodies and glass.

I don't buy it myself reason lotta Canon users with adapters and not buying Sony glass. Gotta look after your customers. Either way the days are gone of big ticket "switching". If I were heavily invested in A Mount, I'd just hang tight pick up a few used bodies and hunker down for the long haul. Ditto with EF or F mount hang tight and use what you have

That might be a good idea, unless you want to step up in IQ if you have much older A Mount cameras/lenses, or you have GAS and the money to feed it. I hunkered down with my Sony 5T & both kit lenses for many years. Then, I wanted to step it up in both IQ, features, speed, IQ, video, & sharpness. So I got the Sony a6300, 18-135 & FE 70-300, now I'm all set, for now.

It's way way too expensive to buy into native glass for a full system

That all depends on your budget, how much you love photography, and are willing to pay for it. But I do agree with you, some of that GM FF glass is ridiculously expensive! I would never pay for it. Besides, I like having much smaller, less expensive/heavy gear that does pretty much everything I need it to do.

BTW Sony make no lens sales off Canon users, looks real bad if you don't keep you previous customers happy at least with a decent adapter

There are only so many formats a company can afford to support. The old A Mount is just one of the formats Sony could not afford to support. All companies must look to the future to survive, and the A Mount just could not keep up, they had to let it go. I think it was a good decision to concentrate on the E Mount system, for the future wellbeing of Sony. Right now, times are tough for camera companies! But, they could do better with their APS-C E mount cameras. They need to innovate more to at least compete with their competition, if they wish to succeed in the APS-C market, IMHO.

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