So...What's wrong with the R5?

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Re: Canon is very conservative with ratings

RLight wrote:

Light Pilgrim wrote:

well, how do I say it:-)
I am using 5D MkIII and have 4 batteries as I many times go to wilderness for 7-10 days. One battery will last 1200 shots more or less. So it means I need to have 16?

Canon is VERY conservative about battery life ratings.

For example, I get around 1400 shots on a single EOS R stock battery.

Imagine what a battery grip would give me?

This is pretty normal I might add with my shooting habits.

You can charge the R /R5/6 from USB, and I would in those circumstances from power bank or solar portables.

I find similar results. I had an M5 which ate bats like crazy so i carried three of them and often went through all three. Based on that i got two extra for the R but have never shot through all three of them.

David Hull wrote:

Light Pilgrim wrote:

to me, it is the battery. Very surprised that the company does such an amazing thing with the camera overall only to provide a low performing battery with it. Sony is able to get twice as many shots per battery

Is Sony's battery bigger? What is it's Watt Hour specification compared to Canon, If they are the same then it probably means that the Sony electronics are more efficient.

This isn't really an issue though, just pack a couple extra batteries.

Snapper2013 wrote:

With your input, you'll will help me and maybe others with purchasing decisions. Thanks in advance.

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