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Re: Thank you Bruce, Harvey & Andrew

WhyNot wrote:

LouHolland introduced me to the Orton effect several years ago and I played with it for a while and then decided there were easier ways to get close to the effect but then dropped it and I hadn't thought about it again until now. I really didn't remember how to do it and even reading about it in your article didn't bring it back .. I just remember doing it and the pictures I still have from those experiments .... I tend to avoid layers in PP as much as possible.. However, I did bookmark your reference and with this stay at home we're in I may play with it again .... I remember that at the time I did think it was useful with flowers ... I never do portraits of people .. .only candid s ...

Well I must say, WN, your post processing looks very nice,especially for someone who says he avoids layers whenever possible!

I thought layers were on everyone's agenda 

A little touch of Orton can really assist, in my opinion.  This, for example:

Heavy handed Orton is applied on it's own layer...then a layer mask is used to "erase" the effect from the bridge's arch...

Sort of makes your attention be directed where I wanted it to go...

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