Don't Expect Much (or Anything) from Sony in APSC

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Re: They BETTER!

Dirk W wrote:

When Sony wants to survive in the Camera business now that Canon is REALLY givinge them a hard time in FF, they BETTER maintain and develop their APS-C system. They might need the APS-C customers.

You’re right but I think it unlikely. Now Canon (in particular) has woken up they and Nikon will once again dominate the serious market. Not immediately but certainly in a few years time the big two will account for 85% or more of the non-cameraphone market with FF bodies. Sony may or may not hang in but I reckon MFT and APS-C will go the way of smaller film formats in the past.

As FF prices drop (and they will, just look at the RP) most of us serious amateurs will see no reason for anything else. If we want smaller, then phones will have improved enough and professionals will have switched almost totally to Canikon mirrorless (as they did with DSLRs).

Not trying to upset anyone - just my guess. I’m saving up for a R6 for my 75th next year and if the bugs don’t get me first, it’ll be my last camera. Just about full circle I guess. In the meantime I’ll enjoy my Sony’s and get just as good (or bad) images from them as any FF but if I can’t have camera GAS at my age, what’s the point 


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