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Re: Old Pictures

Thanks, Andrew.

Will a '58 do? This one is very unusual. It's a stripper. Only standard equipment from the factory.

Base 283 V8, 230 gross HP

But, it has a three speed . And, it's a HD light truck 3 speed, no synchros on low gear! 58 was the second year a four speed was available, at extra cost.

I imagine if some admirer of yours gave it to you, you'd hold your nose and accept.

A group of scientists are demanding the health and disease organizations reclassify Covid as fully airborne, more like measles, as they haven't dared to do so far. They really should do that, somebody could get sick.Politician$ overruling scientists, no surprise. Blood clots, all over, including organs. Actor Nick Cordero was in ICU 90 days, fighting. During that time his leg had to be amputated due to clots. He just passed at 41. Permanent lung or brain damage, or any other organ, from clots...Hell why not all at once?

It sure is getting old to live the way we have been.  I just keep the alternatives in mind.

Businesses began to open 3 weeks ago, here.  In that time, Covid cases have increased by 50 percent. Less than 50% of those I see are taking precautions.

As I said to WhyNot, and he didn't agree, it's a shame, but my best hope right now is luck.

Now you know, Andrew, I shall always regard you as in a cluster all your own.  Rich

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