So...What's wrong with the R5?

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Re: What should the price be?

Me too.  I went from 5D Mk IV and 7D Mk II to the EOS R as I wanted to get hands on experience at shooting these mirrorless cameras.  I knew it would be limited it RF glass but I could use the L glass I loved.

At first I was impress with the AF accuracy with big lenses giving a higher keeper rate.   Then I tried shooting fast moving action and was disappointed with the EVF and the 5 fps being 3 fps in Servo AF mode.  My 5D was much faster.  DSLRs have the mirror blackouts interfering with tracking but this EOS R EVF was worse.

I did not give up on the EOS R and tried shooting things where it did a much better job.

Slower moving subjects in single shot mode and low speed  burst mode seemed better behaved to me as I got used to the interface and the new top side display.   I could should soaring birds and many things with nice AF IQ and great color.   When came to action the 7D had higher speed shooting and with  more reach using the APS-C format  while the 5D mk IV was a  better FF  camera shooting at high speed.

Either I think the R5 is what I was wanting which is really a mirror-less 5D Mk IV made better with the mirror issue free improvements..   I will not know until I get my hands on it and adapting to it looks easy since it's user interface if nearly identical to the EOS R.   After hearing all the talks and seeing the specificifications I was convinced the r5 with the EOS R interface the higher MP sensor was my next camera and I placed a pre-order in.   Hopefully it come in early August.

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