So...What's wrong with the R5?

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Sum of the features

PGSanta wrote:

J A C S wrote:

PGSanta wrote:

Guy Roberts wrote:

Looking at the Nikon Z7 the R5 is $1000 too expensive imo.

Yeah... I mean how much could superior IBIS, EVF, touch screen, ergonomics, dual card slots, FPS, build quality, 4k60+, 8K be worth... it should be priced the same as the far inferior product. Silly Canon.

Dual slots, 4k60+, and 8K are worth nothing to me...

Video features aren’t worth much to me either, so I’ll probably hold out for a more stills oriented high MP body that’s rumored. You’d have to be pretty daft to think they don’t have value to “the market” though.

It's the sum of the features that make a great camera with broad appeal.  For some video means nothing, but 45MP and 8 stop IS is everything.

The R5 has very broad appeal and we'll all waste time disagreeing why we want one.  😀

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