D7500 which super Telephoto? 150-600, 100-400 vs my AFP 70-300

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D7500 which super Telephoto? 150-600, 100-400 vs my AFP 70-300

Reposting this as i posted it in the wrong sub-forum earlier.

Hi! So i have my D7500, love it. I bought a cheapy AF-P 70-300 DX VR based on the great reviews i had read for it, and for the $80 i paid, it's fantastic.

Over 200MM, though, it loses a slight bit of quality I find, but up to that point, it's amazing. Especially 150MM and under, I can't imagine a better looking image possible from this camera.

I do want some more reach though, I don't do birds, I photograph cars mainly and do make it to Laguna Seca for racing and other Nor Cal tracks. In the past with 18-270s or 18-300 zooms, i always found 300 to be not enough for a lot of shots.

So I want to go further.

So, I'm considering buying a Sigma 150-600 or their 100-400.

I'd be buying Second hand, and there seems to be only maybe $100-150 difference between the two sigmas, while I can't splurge for a 200-500, yet.

So first, I'm just not sure if the difference of getting out to 400 vs 300 is really enough. 600 is likely too much to be honest, but I guess it would be nice to have 'just in case' you need it. Where i see needing 400 and above is when a car is heading straight on at you or away , not a panning shot. To really go in deep and use the focal length to compress the background and help isolate the subject regardless of being at a modest f6.3.

I've seen lots of examples of these lenses on full frames and they look great, but not sure about how they would compare on DX especially when compared to the mostly almost perfect 70-300 dx. I would like to get that extra reach but not reach for reach's sake if you know i mean. In other words, I want to get that extra reach but also at least have the same image quality and sharpness that my 70-300 gets most of the time (under 200mm).

I don't want to get out to 400 or 500-600 and then be disappointed with the photos quality if the quality and sharpness is less than the 70-300.

The 70-300 is worth so little, I'd keep it anyways to have as a light go-to for shorter range telephoto. When I shoot cars at work, i usually work in the 150mm range which is right in the lens' wheelhouse. So this addition would be an extra lens for shooting things over 200MM.

That would then go hand and hand with my plan to move to a 70-200 G2 in a year to cover shorter stuff.

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here's an example of the D7500 plus DX 70-300 , 130mm, F4.8 (wide open) , iso 200, and at 1/50. only very ever ever so slighted feddled with in Apple Photos. I think i just hit the enhance button to be honest and was more than satisfied.

So what do you guys reckon? Hoping someone has experience on the DX 70-300 AF-P and the 100-400 and 150-600 Sigmas on their dx cameras to compare to.

Hope I'm making sense! Thank you.

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