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Thank you Bruce, Harvey & Andrew

I thank you for your kind comments and group my reply since you all admired the finch more than the cardinal.

I thought I might share a couple thoughts about that … I always thought that sharpness or enhanced detail got into the discussion of beauty when Durer finished his drawings … It seems birds and old men benefit from this evaluation .. I remember tales of photographers using Vaseline on a filter to get those soft beauty photos in the 1920's and 30's not sure it was used in later years .. I'm not sure the bird wouldn't like being portrayed in soft focus just as much and not have us count those pin feathers. However, I have somewhat bought into the idea on the internet and I rarely try to be subtle with my PP for digital media displays as I can never be sure that you are looking at the same graduation and colors and brightness that I am and I'm sure that few will spend more than minute with any one picture – there are just too many of them these days (I do suspect that you may spend more time than the average viewer on-line.) I know that Andrew sees more of my technique than I do in what I post! ….! …. Anyway, this finch does show that the P100-300 lens can be reasonably sharp at the long end with careful focus and fast enough shutter to overcome my poor steadiness .. and that the M1 can provide reasonably smooth results at ISO1600, at least IMHO ….

Thanks again and stay well …


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