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Re: Dreaded which camera question

Crispybojangles wrote:

Im torn between an 80D or switching ship to a sony. I currently own an SL2 with a couple of lenses (50mm/ 1.8, 10-18mm Wide, and the kit 18-55mm), speed light, and thats about it. My thought process was buy a higher end APS-c camera so i can still use the accessories i have on hand from the SL2. My camera is used to shoot real estate photography, capture video of home renovations, and take portraits of my family, but I temporarily moved to Germany for a couple of months for work. I left the camera at home so the family could use it and I planned on buying another to capture photos here. Primarily the shooting i will be doing here will be touristy shots of old buildings and such in various towns.

Now that you know what i have and need a new camera for please give me a recommendation: (try to keep dollar amount in the 1500-2000 range)

Canon 80D with what lens?? I feel like the sigma 18-35 or canon 17-55???


(I never had Canon..) but anyway, how about M6 ii mirrorless 32 mp Canon APSC with a nice lens or two besides the kit?

Since three are now EF-M lenses from Sigma, Tamorn, Meike, 7Artsians, Rokinon, besides Canon. Also can get adapter for EF-S to EF-M.

A sony with which lens? Im primarily drawn to sony for its impeccable track record and low light shots.

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