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Erik Kaffehr wrote:

roby17269 wrote:

Erik Kaffehr wrote:

roby17269 wrote:

Well I have pulled the trigger and pre-ordered a R5 yesterday as soon as I could

That made sense to me (less to my wallet, no sense at all to the SWMBO) because I am a dual system user like many here... In my case specifically Canon and Hasselblad / PhaseOne.

My 1D X (mk I) was showing its age. Oh it still works perfectly (and it should since it is seriously built like a tank) but I found more and more that I was unhappy with resolution, DR and, yes, AF.

So the R5 looks like it will improve on everything and it will still work with my remaining EF lenses. The R6 was never a contender for me due to resolution.

This hasn't changed anything for me in terms of MF usage. My Hassy / P1 rig will continue to be used for what I consider my "serious" photography (i.e. fashion) - yes Greg I am in your camp: I do see the differences between images shot with FF and the ones with MF. These differences may not matter / be invisible to others, but they matter to me

I still want an FF for traveling / kids photography: the ergonomics / convenience / AF / speed are on a different planet... I did bring my MF to a recent vacation since a friend who joined us wanted to see the "beast"... and I did get some great pics of my and his daughter playing in the water which came out real nice... but it is still a pain to carry around and I had to manual focus when the kids were not staying still (i.e. all the time)


The 1DX is a sports oriented camera, it is not about resolution or DR, more about high ISO.
Canon's CMOS sensors used to be very good at high ISO, but lacking in DR at base ISO.

Your IQ180 on the other hand has a huge sensor and three times or so of the MP count of the 1DX.
With 1DXII and 5DIV Canon has new sensor technology and hopefully they will make best use of it in the EOS 5R. It also seems that Canon has some really great lens designs for the R-mount. Will be interesting to read about your experience.
My own MFD gear is Phase One P45+ on Hasselblad 555/ELD. With that gear I could never see which image was shot on which system on the rare occasions I was using both in parallel.

Sharing some blind tests, comparing the two, viewers generally picked 50/50. But, I also have a workflow that makes the systems more equal. Almost always shooting on tripod, focusing manually, using f/8 on 24x36 mm and f/11 on MFD.
My aperture is not welded to f/8 or f/11, of course. But, I seldom seek very thin DoF and also try avoiding stopping down too far. To that, I use my own color profiles.

Wish you best of luck with your EOS 5R!

Best regards


Hi Erik,

4+ times actually (80 vs. 18)

I was aware of the type of camera the 1D series are, and I do still love handling, robustness, ergonomics, battery, speed of operation, and the viewfinder. For me it has been a good jack-of-all-trades camera for some time... But my needs and wants have changed with time.

As my passion for fashion photography grew, I started butting heads with resolution and image quality at base ISO (where I do most of my fashion shooting).

I did consider a 5D mkIV but I was not happy with the body downgrade. Finally a nicer than expected bonus made me take the leap to MF and for a while I was content with using the 1D X for travel and kids. With enough light the IQ180 at ISO 35 is a thing of beauty.

I still felt 18 mp limiting and I kept reading about the almost magical AF of the new mirrorless thingies... as many I was not impressed by the compromises Canon made with the R and RP though. And I couldn't really complain too much with a 1D X and my MF rig, could I?

The R5 was the straw that broke the camel's back for me, so to speak. A "not-so-many-compromises" (at least on paper) camera with a good bump in resolution, all the new goodies (DR, AF, IBIS) and access to both my EF lenses and all the new interesting RF options.

So I have pre-ordered it with a memory card, a spare battery and the EF adapter. Initially I will use it with my EF primes. Sooner or later I might splurge for an RF 85mm 1.2 The EF version is my most used lens and I read that the RF is better.

I don't do blind tests either and I keep usage of the 2 cameras very separate. Moreover I use LR for Canon and CaptureOne for the MF images. But I did take some photos of the same subject (3 little girls playing in the water) last week with both cameras and while I had to manual focus with the Hassy the end results are markedly better in terms of colors and details than the images from the Canon.

Maybe this makes me a member of the MF cult


I was alaway a bit confused by Phase One naming schemes, my P45+ back is actually 39 MP...

I would also think that 24x36 mm folks are too much focused on maximum aperture. The 85/1.2 is a very old lens. Would you compare with Canon's new 85/1.4L, the new lens would play on a different playing field.

One of my friends recently switched from Canon full frame to Fujifilm APS-C, and the 85/1.2 played a significant role in that.

With regard to processing, I have like 100k + images in Lightroom. Also, I sort of grew up with Lightroom, Adobe added the features I wanted. I cannot reproduce my Lightroom processing in Capture One and I don't have confidence in that product. Before lightroom arrived I was developing my own raw converter, but Lightroom had pretty much the features I had mind and saved me 300 man years of development work

Shooting Lightroom with the Phase One P45+ was one of the reasons I started to do my own camera profiles.

In the end, what matters for me is to have an image I can hang on the wall with pride. Any of the cameras i have owned since say 2008 can achieve that...

It may be that the photographer matters more than the camera...

The most appreciated photo I have taken ever was probably this one:

it was shot with my Sony Alpha 99 with my Phase One P45+ sitting in the wardrobe in the hotel.
Best regards


That's a beautiful image... Dolomiti? I come originally from an area nearby the Alps.

I have great pics from my old 5D mkI I have plenty of images I love from the much-maligned 1D X... I do agree that all else being equal the photographer is the most important part of the equation... but the photographer being equal then the "toys" have an impact, although it is lesser still than being in the right place at the right time, or, in my case, than collaborating with the right talent.

I am still going to use my MF rig for fashion shoots regardless But those are planned affairs with help and transportation... I wouldn't pick it up for a hike!

Yes P1 nomenclature was strange (P65+ was a 60mp back) but they have straightened it up from the beginning of the IQ series.

CaptureOne is free if you have a P1 digital back... and I have to say that out of the box with no tweaking the same files look better to me than what LR offers, with no profiles. I am sure that with the right tweaking LR could deliver similar results, but really post processing for me is only a necessary evil.

I have the EF 85mm f/1.2L mkII and I love it. It has a "look"... the 1.4L IS is more "clinical" to me. The new RF f/1.2L looks like a great mid ground with a "look" but also precision. They certainly charge a pretty penny for it. Having said that I am totally comfortable with the "slow" HC lenses for my Hassy. Love their rendition and the system gives me plenty thin DOF (too thin in some cases). I want to get a HC 2.2/100mm when I find a good one at a reasonable price. Generally speaking I am a long focal length kind of guy

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