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Re: A Friday Sunrise

WhyNot wrote:

Eastern CO is always in a drought in summer .. My memory is that a good water year in CO usually means we had a good snow pack from the winter before and the reservoirs were full ... I've looked at that 25mm several times also but having a 20 and 30mm lens something would have to get retired .... for some reason I never liked that "normal' FOV

Yes we fully depend on that snow pack for drinking water.  And thankfully, the last few years have had generous snow packs.

I do have the 30mm Sigma 1.4....it's "okay" but not "Leica" image quality.  I also do have the 25mm f1.4 for m43...nice lens but does not get me excited to shoot it, for some reason.  Would probably sell both of those if I got the 4/3 Leica D 25mm.

I do like the 25mm POV.  Have and use the little 25mm f2.8 for 4/3'rds and like the way it renders.

But I do know lots of folks who cannot seem to relate to the 25mm "normal" POV.

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