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Old Pictures

Not much enthusiasm for it right now, but I guess I should keep my hand in. I have no new pictures so here are some oldies.

A couple of weeks after Halloween, 2004. I will not describe the metaphor.

My last hot rod, a Celica GT S type, the last rear drive Celica. Toyota added the fender flares to allow the huge and wide tires on the 8 inch wide wheels. They also added their straight 6 engine, 5 speed stick and elegant fully independent suspension to make it fast in any direction. I miss the sunroof and wonderful Recaro seats most of all.

Logging Douglas fir where there are no roads capable of log truck traffic.

When a Sikorsky Skycrane just won't do get yourself a Boeing Chinook.

Summer of '04, and for years after, we had a nasty sea lion hanging around.

This is the one, 12 years after the picture above.

Sea Lions are rarely aggressive, but are very intelligent and can move very quickly. They have a mouth full of long canine teeth with neck muscles like a bull. If this is your boat, best to try another day.

My third cousins. They (used to) call me Unca Rich, so I consider them nieces.

Their grandpa had given them packages of chocolate powder with lots of sugar meant to be stirred into a glass of milk. Who needs milk?

I had great fun with them and spent lots of time with them. They're 20+ years old now and I rarely see them. I miss them and these pictures me feel old, as few things do.

At the wonderful, yearly Fortuna Redwood Auto Expo, 2016. It was one of the best events here. Notice that I used the past tense.

Anyhow, this and the picture below of early 70s Jaguar E Type roadsters.

When you lift the bonnet which would you rather see?

This is the Jaguar Coventry V12. You can tell it's an early one by the SU carburetters instead of the later, troublesome first series Lucas fuel injection.

It really is under all that mess.

Yeah, it's beautiful. The XK engine was as beautiful to see as to feel.

It is what I would want to see when I raised the bonnet of my E Type roadster.

Having lunch on the patio of a local restaurant, I saw this directly above our table. Of course I had my camera in bag on the floor.

My companions at the table looked up to see what I was photographing, then ran, except for my brother. They did not come back. We then proceeded to eat my cousin's battered and deep fried artichoke hearts, zucchini and mushrooms. We then moved on to my other cousin's bacon wrapped and deep fried prawns. I tried to think of a way to thank the wasp for the picture and the grub, but decided to be ungrateful.

This was often the view from my kitchen window at my previous residence. The sunsets would notify me by lighting up the window and into the house.

This is fog mixed with smoke from an inland forest fire.

These pictures tell me that I definitely do not need a new camera, but I really do need some of Andrew's Retail Therapy. The M1.3 has more new bells and whistles than the M1.2 to occupy me and divert me from this slow-motion train wreck now just beginning to happen even way out here in the provinces. So, I'll likely end up with the M1.3

Yes, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, but it is the train.

That's enough. Rich

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