Some news about 70-200 2.8 S

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Re: Some news about 70-200 2.8 S

astirusty wrote:

Wezre wrote:

And would you rather that they ship products that they know have issues only to then have to do a recall? That would cause even more frustration and cost for both the company and theIr customers.

What I would rather Nikon do is be forth coming with their customers**. What is going on at Nikon that is causing delays. Realistic On the Shelf YY/MM/DD for delayed lenses.

**Customers who trusted Nikon on their commitment to "Z" lenses, based on original Z lens roadmap. Commitment, which quickly turned to back-pedaling (delays).

A lens roadmap is not a commitment.  It's an outline plan.  Plans change, for many reasons.

Never happen, but it would be good if DPREVIEW did a study of which Camera makers were better at meeting On the Shelf dates vs. Camera makers which were repeatedly bad about delays.

Leading to flagging Camera makers reviewed gear with a "VWF" (vaporware warning flag); where appropriate. To warn readers / buyers, they may want to wait before buying into a new product line or consider other manufactuer's products; based on failure to ship, after launch.

Maybe you should have "waited before buying into a new product line".

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