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Re: Lightroom and Gigapixel AI - Works in v 5.01

Sagittarius wrote:

- Ken - wrote:

Using LR's "edit in" command, five times I have tested out processing files in Gigapixel. I tried editing the original file (in LR specified Edit Original). I wasn't sure if it would work because the file was a layered tiff file. But it did work. On one occasion Gigapixel crashed, but the other times the files processed and saved. I then did a "synchronize folder" command in LR to import the new enlarged image into LR.

Ive tried "edit in" command on edited RAW file. LR created a TIFF file and sent it to Gigapixel. Gigapixel processed the file and saved it in the folder. After I synced folder, LR brought in processed file. Still not like other plug-ins.

How many times does it need to be said that "Gigapixel AI" is NOT a plug-in but a stand alone program? It is therefore not sensible to expect it to behave like a plug-in.

BTW I recall, from when I used it, that Lightroom ALWAYS worked in "Pro Photo" color space, and you could not change it. The only time you can assign a different color space is when you "Export" a file.

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