So...What's wrong with the R5?

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Re: What should the price be?

Guy Roberts wrote:

PGSanta wrote:

Guy Roberts wrote:

Looking at the Nikon Z7 the R5 is $1000 too expensive imo.

Yeah... I mean how much could superior IBIS, EVF, touch screen, ergonomics, dual card slots, FPS, build quality, 4k60+, 8K be worth... it should be priced the same as the far inferior product. Silly Canon.

Hmmm...we will need to wait and see if those claims are justified. The Nikon is praised for its ergonomics but that can be subjective anyway, the IBIS is not any better unless paired with stabilised lenses and you will have paid for that in the lens purchase, build quality I doubt is any better, video fair enough especially for the wedding photogs I guess, so more FPS, an extra card slot and better video for 1k? For Canon die-hards it’s a no brainer but for someone looking to buy into a brand I think the price might put some folk off.

We don’t have to wait at all.  For some strange reason you’re confusing “specs” with “claims”.

The IBIS is better, as it’s CAPABLE of pairing with lens stabilization to offer up to 8 stops; Sony errrrrrrr Nikon’s implementation is NOT capable of this.

The EVF on the Z7 is inferior, and caps at 60hz.

Just because you “doubt” something to be true does not mean it is so.  The FACTS about the build quality and weather sealing are that Canon says it’s on par with the 5d, which is superior to the Z7.

Anyhow, your statement was.... what’s a kind word.... naive.

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