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Re: Canon's 'Improvements List' PDF - R vs R5 & R6

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The problem of the R6 is you want to keep the R for the higher Mp-count. The problem of the R5: too expensive for my budget.

Yep. I feel the same way. I have to wonder what will become of the R. I'd think it was time for a MKII version soon with about 30MP, but the newer sensor tech that is inside the R5/6 plus IBIS. That would make sense, but I'm wondering if Canon wants 3 different FF sensors or they just want you to go to one of the extremes.

Developing new sensors is expensive, so Canon will keep that old 5DmkIV-sensor factory running for a while. Having a newer 30Mp sensor option in between the R5 and R6 won't be a priority for Canon.

Probably right. Kind of a shame though.

For those who don't need crazy fast AF it's nice to have 30Mp at a lower price. Look, my R can't handle every shot i would want to take, but that's less than 5%.  Actually i do take action shots, but it's only action from left to right or vice versa, not action towards or going away from the camera. Crazy fast AF is nice, but in my case it's a lot of money for a small percentage of pictures.

If i would need fast focusing really bad i could get me the M6mkII to pair it with my sigma f/1.8 zooms or even the EF 24-70mm f/2.8 mkII for action shots. In my case it's a good way to get fast AF on the cheap, and it will provide 32Mp in stead of 20..... I'm not selling the sigma f/1.8 zooms!

Never had one of those, but all reports are they are excellent. Certainly something unique. I'm sure with f1.8 and the M6 II sensor you get great results.

The chromatic aberrations will likely be worse, and it won't be as sharp as full frame, but hey, it's still 32Mp in stead of 20Mp, so.....

For the lack of IBIS of my R i could get me an upcoming RF 50mm f/1.8 IS, so i will have a bundle of primes with IS at 24, 35, 50 and 85mm. I don't need fast focusing that hard. What i do want is that RF 50mm with IS, so I'm a bit disappointed it wasn't announced this round.

Is the rumored RF 50 1.8 supposed to have IS? Last rumor I saw didn't have IS in the name. It would almost seem weird not to give it IS, but if they are trying to keep costs down it would not surprise me.

There are conflicting rumors. That 50mm being a budget option without IBIS is my biggest fear. It would be completely absurd not to put IBIS in the 50mm, but Canon has a history with 50mm, so don't feel comfortable about this until i see a 50mm with IS actually being released....

I'd think about 30MP would be a bit of a sweet spot for folks doing a variety of things.

I'd also think that if they take the R5 sensor and forget the IBIS they could make an affordable RP MKII that would have my interest. As much as I'd like IBIS, I'd live without it on that type of camera if the size is smaller and cost is low.

I think the R5 is a killer camera. I see one thing that disappoints me if I'm reading everything right and that is it has only full and 1.6x crop modes. It is so simple to allow other crop factors like the 1.3x the 5DS does. 45MP is overkill most of the time and there is really no reason to stick to just the old Canon version of an APSC crop. It's just a little bit of firmware code.

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