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Re: The IBIS is more tempting to use with ...

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The EOS R will continue to be on sale til 2021, but who's going to buy it when the R5/R6 ticks so much additional boxes?

Seems like it's dead in the water now, unless Canon does some kind of fire sale.

Not everyone has a need or even want for Animal tracking AF, cinema features, or 20fps bursts. If you just need the basics done really well, the R (or Rp) is significantly cheaper than the R6 and has more resolution. And most of the RF lenses so far have OIS so the IBIS isn't even all that attractive.

The IBIS is more tempting to use with EF primes that didn't have IS or something like my old 300 4 IS which had rather poor in lens IS. I imagine birders would like being able to pickup an EF 400 5.6 cheap and letting camera take care of IS duties. It would breath new life into my old 50 1.8 and 85 1.8. Heck, I might go find a copy of my old 200 2.8 I sold if the camera body had IS.

So maybe the value of the IS in the R6 is that you can save a ton of money using old EF lenses.

Really though, as someone who is coming from shooting mainly m4/3 for a while, stabilization is really overhyped. Especially on something like a 50-85mm prime where the most common subjects would not tolerate shutter speeds below 1/FL. So I strongly disagree with your comment of "breath new life" into your 50 and 85mm.

At 50mm i need 1/125 at least with the sigma f/1.4 art on the 30Mp R. With good IBIS i could go as low as 1/20th or even 1/10th.  I would love to have that.

Unless you are truly missing a lot of shots of static subjects right now with those lenses.

I like it for wide angles where I might be taking low light cityscapes or videos. And for long telephotos it makes sense because even after a stop or two of stabilization, you are still at reasonable 1/60-1/100 shutter speeds. So yes, for something like the 200mm f2.8, 70-200 non IS models, and 400mm f5.6, I could see it paying for itself vs buying the newer IS versions on an R or Rp.

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